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Our Cookies Are On A Mission

Hello, I am Tarra Sullivan, and for several years, I have been developing my signature cookie line, Glynn-Tarra Cookies. The cookies are made fresh each day at our VDACS approved, Loudoun County facility with only the finest ingredients and no preservatives.

Our cookies are offered as a baker’s dozen in elegant gift boxes as well as in our personalized favor line and customized gift baskets. They are the perfect way to brighten up any day! A portion of all proceeds from Glynn-Tarra Cookie Sales will be donated to the respected cookie’s cure research.

Enjoy our delicious cookies and help us work toward finding cures for these awful, life- changing diseases, one cookie at a time.

Warmest Regards,

Tarra L. Sullivan, Owner


Glynn’s Gingers


In memory of my brother, Glynn, who we lost to AIDS in 1995, I offer to you his favorite cookies, Glynn’s Gingers! A portion of all proceeds from Glynn’s Gingers will be donated to the Fight against AIDS. Shop Glynn’s Gingers.

Tarra’s Sugars


My own personal journey with breast cancer inspired me to develop Tarra’s Sugars, my favorite kind of cookie. A portion of all proceeds from Tarra’s Sugars will be donated to the fight against Breast Cancer. Shop Tarra’s Sugars.

William & James’s Chocolate Chips


My own struggle against cancer led me to honor the children who deal with this disease each day. A portion of all proceeds from William & James’s Chocolate Chips will be donated to the fight against childhood cancer. Shop William & James’s Chocolate Chips.